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Business Analytics

Business analytics is the reporting based on the analysis of the digital and actual data of your business

Data gathered from your everyday business is a lot

Sales,  suppliers, customers data, their preferences, which products or services they choose and at which point of interactions with your website or e-shop they proceed on a purchase or leave with nothing, how do they interact with your social media accounts 

All these data and many more are usually not analysed and crucial information is lost. Information that is valuable for every business in order to improve their profitability or adjust their strategy

Business analytics are gathering the data that you wish to monitor, analyse them and present them at your convenience in the frequency you desire

We can provide you with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting on ony aspect of your business that you wish to monitor

A few examples of reporting that are necessary to monitor are:

  • Sales analytics
  • Cost of Sales
  • Sales Offers completion rate
  • Expenses analytics
  • Purchasing analytics
  • Warehouse analytics
  • Suppliers evaluation
  • Customers profiling
  • Customers interaction and funneling from your website or social media
  • Carbon footprint of your operations

All of the above can be accesible from any device you might have, anytime, wherever you are

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