Sustainable Practices at
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The thought of starting your work day should put a smile in your face and not stress you. The society we are living in, our suppliers and business partners should feel that they benefit from our activities and these activities do not affect them negatively in any way.
The way we move, the way we consume, the place we work and generally any activity we do should leave the smallest possible footprint on the planet.

The sustainable practices at LETS Digital Growth Services are everyday goals and crucial parts of our philosophy.

When we started our company, we tried to create the perfect working enironment, with the least negative impact in our planet and high level of contribution to our society.



We strategically chose our office space to be in the centre but in a neighbourhood, Petralona, which is not exactly a business area but highly accessible by train, trolley, bicycle and bus. So our employees, customers and partners can use alternative means of transport to get here.


We have built all our processes in such a way that paper printing is almost zero. In case printing is required then the print on both sides option is enforced.


We chose our offices in an area that has plenty of natural light throughout the day. We use LED lamps in order to have the least possiible energy consumption.


All chargers are unplugged when not in use. We have activated strict energy saving modes in all our screens.


We changed the air conditioner that was in the space with new technology + AAA for the smallest possible carbon footprint in the office space. Whenever possible we do not operate our aircondition and prefer natural ways of airing our office space.


We installed airflows on the faucets and changed the flushes to dual flow to use less water.


We do not use disposable plastics at all in any of our activities.We use a special water filter to avoid disposable plastic bottles.


Any material that cannot be reused is recycled in a recycling bin in our office. Reuse - Some of the office furniture is recycled

Responsible Purchasing Procedures

We do not buy multipacks. We prefer local products, we buy seasonal fruits and vegetables for our teams needs. The paints used in the space are ecological.






Working Environment

We believe that our office space should have the same sense of comfort and ease as our home.

Working Hours

Working hours are flexible and adapted to the needs of each employee.

Remote + Hybrid working environment

Remote working is a feature that we offer and is used a lot by our team.


Our premises are accessible to people with special skills.


Pets are welcome in the workplace.

Appearance (Νο Dress Code)

Our employees can work without any restrictions and rules on their appearance.


There is a place where our employees can take breaks for lunch or coffee with a fully equipped kitchen and refrigerator.


Snacks, coffee, juices and tea are available during the day. Oats, tahini, fruits and vegetables, nuts and many more are available for our team members cravings. We fully support vegetarians and vegans who are the majority in our team.

Everyday is like Friday in LETS Digital Growth Services

Pets Friendly Space

Remote working available

Breaks & Snacks

Office Space


The spirit of volunteering and giving is very high in our team!

As we just started we don’t have a significant action to show but we plan to intensify our efforts.

Donation of work to charitable groups

So far we support the Support Volunteer Group Stiriksi by offering them free hosting and technical support for their website.


We offered long lasting food for the earthquake victims in Turkey through the 33rd Athens Scout System.

We will keep you updated as soon as we have more

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As we grow fast we are always looking for fun, free spirited, friendly, creative people to join our team.

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