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The thought of starting your work day should put a smile in your face and not stress you.
The society we are living in, our suppliers and business partners should feel that they benefit from our activities and these activities do not affect them negatively in any way.
They way we move around, consume, work, live should leave as little of a negative impact as possible to our planet.

The sustainable practices at LETS Digital Growth Services are everyday goals and crucial parts of our philosophy.

When we started our company, we tried to create the perfect working enironment, with the least negative impact in our planet and high level of contribution to our society.


  • Transportation – We stategically chose Petralona, a small neighborhood in the center of Athens because is easily accessible with public transportation and next to the main biking route of Athens. We encourage pour team members as well as our business partners to use train, electric bus or bicycles in order to reach our offices.
  • Paperless – All our activities are paperless In case printing is required then the print on both sides option is enforced.
  • Lighting – We chose our offices space with the requirement to have plenty of daylight throughout the day. We use LED lamps in order to have the least possiible energy consumption.
  • Electricity – We remove the plugs from all our appliances and chargers when they are not used. We have activated strict energy saving modes in all our screens.
  • Air-condition – We changed our aircondition with a new high efficiency one (+AAA) to have a low carbon footprint. Whenever possible we do not operate our aircondition and prefer natural ways of airing our office space.
  • Water – We places airflows in our water taps and placed dual flow systems in our toilets.
  • Plastic – We do not use any single use plastics. We have installed a water filter in our taps in order to avoid single use plastic bottles.
  • Recycling – Any material that cannot be repurposed are recucled in our recycling bin.
  • Reuse – Some of our office furniture are second hand or repurposed.
  • Sustainable purchasing – We do not buy any multi package items wrapped with plastic. We prefer local products, we buy seasonal fruits and vegetables for our teams needs. The paintings used for the office decorattion were eco friendly.

Working Environment

We believe that our office space should have the same sense of comfort and ease as our home.

  • Ωράρια – Τα ωράρια είναι ευέλικτα και προσαρμόσιμα στις ανάγκες του κάθε εργαζόμενου.
  • Remote + Hybrid work – Remote and hybrid work are possibilities offered to our team members should they needed it.
  • Accesibility – Our office spaces are accessible to people with special abilities
  • Pet Friendly – Our team members no longer have to think about their pet at home as they can bring them to our office.
  • Νο Dress Code – Our team members have no dress codes rules.
  • Breaks – Our team members can bring their food to work or prepare one here utilising our fully equipped kitchenette.
  • Διατροφή – Προσφέρονται snacks, καφές, χυμοί και τσάι κατά τη διάρκεια της ημέρας. Oats, tahini, fruits and vegetables, nuts and many more are available for our team members cravings. We fully support vegetarians and vegans who are the majority in our team.

Everyday is like Friday in LETS Digital Growth Services

Pets `Friendly Space
Remote working available
Breaks & Snacks
Office Space


The volunteering spirit is really high in our team!

As we just started we don’t have a significant action to show but we plan to intensify our efforts.

  • Pro Bono Projects – We are supporting Stirixi Volunteers by offering them free hosting and support for their website.
  • Contribution – We offered long lasting food supplies for the people affected by the earthquakes in Turkey through the 33rd Scouts System of Athens.

We will keep you updated as soon as we have more

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